About Our Organization

Going All Out For Autism is a not-for-profit organization established in June 2012.
  Going All Out 
For Autism is committed to supporting Vermont families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders as they grow and develop the skills necessary to 
lead safe, happy, and meaningful lives. We strive to create a fun, therapeutic and 
enriching social environment for individuals living with ASD. At Going All Our For Autism,
 we are committed to raising awareness and strive to provide crucial resources for 
families living with Autism.

IMG_0356Going All Out For Autism was founded by the mother of three vibrant,
 young boys. Two are diagnosed with Autism and have significant communication
 challenges. Like all devoted and caring parents, she wishes for a community of acceptance 
and openness for all three of her children. As a Special Educator and parent of
 children with diverse needs, she understands the challenges families experience 
raising exceptional children.

While our society as a whole has grown to better accept individuals with exceptional
 needs, at Going All Out For Autism, we feel that there are always ways to improve.
 We aim to further increase Autism awareness so the community can better 
understand the unique needs of those diagnosed and accept all individuals for 
both their challenges and strengths. We strive to provide the intensive and 
diverse services and supports aimed at developing adaptive skills and fostering 
independence. We whole-heartedly believe that fostering the development of
 adaptive skills must begin at a young age and continue as they grow. It is in this 
manner that we prepare individuals to, one day, live as independently as their
 abilities allow.

For more information or to learn how you can get involved, please email info@autismvt.org.